We produce and distribute all-stainless salt spreader inserts for commercial trucking clients all over the country.

A progressive step in the industry was the introduction of electric powered pickup spreaders to replace the cantankerous gas engine powered units that had been the norm. Further development of electric motors in all versions and sizes of salt spreaders is gradually replacing hydraulic motor and gasoline engine power. A new-patented conveyor mechanism is in “the works” for future applications.

We maintain a stocked inventory of spare spreader parts. Complete and submit a parts request form and we’ll get back to you soon.

Insure your spreader is ready for winter use with this comprehensive preparation check list prepared by our foreman, Chuck Raes.


Ideal for smaller ice control areas. 

Series II Pickup Spreader

Perfect for small business contractors.

Series IV Pickup Spreaders

Fits most standard pickups used today.

SSV Municipal Spreader

Large-capacity for highways & thruways.


Built for your medium-duty range of trucks.

Dump Box Auger Spreaders

For dump bodies and highway dump trucks.

Undertailgate Spreaders

Retain use of truck without removing spreader.


Available as a custom build. 

Medium Duty Wide Spreader

Designed for medium-duty range of trucks.