Undertailgate Spreaders


The Smith Under Tailgate Series of Spreaders are designed for low-maintenance high torque drive. Built with in a 96” length, easily installed on your Dump Body or Truck. This gives you the best of both worlds, allowing you to retain the use of the truck without removing the spreader. Just put the lid up to use as ice control and put the lid down for full use of the truck. The variety of choices is a key ingredient with this design, Hydraulic Direct Drive, Gear Box Drive, Chain Drive, or Electric.  Using our consistent 304 Stainless-Steel construction, durability is never the issue. Our UT Series uses a screw auger cross conveyor, self-leveling, and a full drop trough for easy cleanout. Ask your local dealer for price and availability.

Additional Information



  • 3/16″ stainless-steel hopper.
  • 7 ga stainless-steel cover.
  • 2 channel design running full length with offset spinner assembly mounting brackets.
  • Trough Bottom assembly.
    • 3/16” full drop design with offset hinges, stainless-steel safety stop easy latch handles for easy cleanout- one-person operation
    • Trough end plates – 3/16“ plate complete, cutouts for top cover latches, bottom trough latches, chain, lifting eyes, bearing, motor, and gearbox mounting plates.
    • 2 ply rubber belt type. **Only on rubber trough under tailgate. **
  • Spinner assembly, self-leveling, swing away type, all-in-one fully adjustable assembly.
    • 20″ dia. polyurethane spinner disc. – Standard Units only.
    • Molded Non-directional flights.
    • Minimum 10″ horizontal adjustment & minimum of 8″ vertical adjustment.
    • Ability to fully swing out to clear full bottom drop trough when open.
  • Auger flighting supported by HD industrial malleable iron 2-hole flange ball bearings.

    Drive Options:

    • Hydraulic drive – high torque hydraulic motor directly couples to auger.
    • Gearbox drive – 5:1 reduction gearbox coupled directly to the auger by a hydraulic motor.
    • Chain & sprocket drive – # 60 roller chain drive directly couples the auger to the hydraulic motor.
    • Electric drive – two 12 volt motors one operates the spinner, and one operates to drive the auger.
      • Electric drive comes standard with the dual electric speed control and fail-safe switch.
      • 4″ auger – 1-1/4″ schedule 80 pipe with 4″ OD auger.
      • Molded non-directional auger flighting.
      • Wiring kit.


    (includes; gearbox drive, direct drive & chain drive)


    • Auger flighting – 6″ diameter with 3/8″ thick flighting mounted to 2″ schedule 80 pipe complete with 1-1/4″. dia. stub shaft uhmw expansion bushings inside pipe ends.
    • See manual for additional specs.


    Additional Options & Accessories:
      • Available in standard bi-directional.
        • Continuous flight & reverse solid flight available (additional cost possible).
      • Self-Leveling Weight Attachment
      • Discharge Chute Location Option.