Generational Employees: A Testament to Employee Dedication

To have two generations employed at the same company is something, but to have three generations employed at the same company and at the same time is certainly a statement to be proud of. It’s a statement of a quality workplace and a testimonial that employee – employer loyalty doesn’t have to be something of the past.

Currently, Smith Metal Works of Newark, Inc. is proud to have three generations of one family working here. We truly believe that this three-generational employment is attributed to the positive workplace the Smith Family has strived to provide Newark and the surrounding communities.

3 Generations of Employees: The Raes Family

    Charles “Butch” Raes Sr. started working at Smith Metal Works of Newark in 1974 as a Machinist. Now with 48 years of experience in machining, welding, and fabrication, he continues to work at Smith Metal Works of Newark in the summer months even after his retirement.

    “…Smith Metal Works is a very close, family-oriented business. I believe that this is what sets Smith Metal apart from many other companies. Smith Metal Works isn’t an overstuffed corporation, everyone knows everyone.” – Charles “Butch” Raes Sr.

      Charles “Chuck” Raes Jr. followed in his father’s footsteps and joined Smith Metal Works of Newark in 1995 to 2004 as a painter and plasma table programmer/operator, and then returned in 2021 as a Parts Manager transitioning to Shop Foreman and has stayed there since.

      Like Chuck, Smith Metal Works shares the same core values of teamwork, excellent customer service, and quality products.

      “When our customer receives our final product, they can see the craftsmanship and care our employees put into everything. They do see that and that is what continues to keep our customers loyal.” – Charles “Chuck” Raes Jr.

      Jack Raes, Chuck’s son and Butch’s grandson, joined the Smith Metal Works of Newark family tradition in 2022 as a Parts Manager, mirroring his father’s career path. Being the third generation of an employee family legacy, Jack recognizes the importance of employee, employer, and customer loyalty in business success.

      “I would definitely recommend working for Smith Metal Works. I believe maintaining a loyal, tight knit team is essential for business and customer success.” – Jack Raes

        Why Smith Metal Works of Newark?

        At Smith Metal Works, our dedication extends not only to our customers, but to our employees as well. We recognize and value the hard work, open collaboration, positive environment, and learning our employees create every day. As a small business, we know our success is a direct result of our dedicated team.

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