Our Mini Max Spreader is ideal for the Smaller Ice Control areas, whether your plan is to cover just your walkway or a larger model for the driveway. The Smith Mini Max Spreader comes in a range of sizes from the 1/4 yard up to our larger plus designs for 1-1/2 yards. You have the size flexibility ranging from a Gator to your standard pick-up. Please visit our Dealers page to locate your local Smith Spreader Dealer, they can help you choose the size to fit your needs.

Additional Information


  • All Mini-Max spreaders come with dual electric motors.
  • Mini-Max 3/4-yard, 5/8 yard, 3/4 Plus & 5/8 Plus include a mounted vibrator.
  • “PLUS” models include hinged cover/top extension.
  • All Mini-Max spreaders come with necessary components for vehicle installation.
  • All Mini-Max spreaders come standard with Flip Up chute assembly.
  • All Mini-Max spreaders come standard with galvanized top screen.
  • Mini-Max 5/8- & 3/4-yard spreaders come standard with an Inverted “vee.”
  • All 16GA T304 stainless-steel construction hopper, frame & all structural components.
  • 4” auger continuous flights on HD pipe.
  • 52-degree sides for continuous flow vertical ends.
  • 33” wide hopper.
  • 19” Height on standard Minimax, 30” height on Plus Models.
  • 12-volt direct current motor for auger & spinner.
  • On/off switch.
  • Standard units available in the following capacities.
    • 1/4-yard, 1/2-yard, 1/3-yard, 5/8-yard & 3/4-yard.


Accessories & OPTIONS

  • Top extension kits available for all models.
  • Dual speed control – allows independent adjustment for spinner & auger.
  • Chute extension.
  • All plus models come with hinged top extension.
  • Stainless Steel Cover – Custom Addition.
  • Hopper Vibrator with Bracket (36″, 48″ & 60″).
  • Chute Extension (drops the chute 8″).

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