SSV Municipal Spreader


The Smith Stainless-Steel Municipal Spreader was designed for Municipalities, Highway & Thruway Authorities. Whether you are covering a county road or the freeway, this is the go-to spreader. This large capacity spreader constructed with the durability of 304 stainless-steel comes in a range of 5.8 yards to over a 14 yard struck capacity. Offering dual hydraulic motors, 83” width with either 53” or 65” height, and a variety of options including auger operation. Visit our dealer page and select your local dealer for pricing and availability.

Additional Information


  • All 11GA T304 stainless steel is standard construction
    • Adjustable inverted vee
  • Chain conveyor
    • 24″ wide conveyor frame
    • 23″ wide type 667 pintle conveyor chain with 3/8 x 1-1/4″ cross bars
    • 3/16″ replaceable slider bed
  • Drive/idler sprockets
    • 8 tooth steel sprockets
    • 1-3/4″ drive//1-1/2″ idler shafts
    • Externally mounted take up style
    • Idler bearings with grease lines and take-up mechanism to rear
  • Gear box
    • 50:1 worm gear type cast iron coupled to an orbital high torque hydraulic motor
  • Spinner Mechanism
    • 11ga construction
    • High speed orbital hydraulic motor
    • 20″ urethane with 6 integral fins
    • 4 external adjustable deflectors & two internal baffles for precise spreading control



Accessories & OPTIONS

  • S/S Cab shield
  • Galvanized top screens
  • S/S Access Ladder (specify side or rear access)
  • S/S Tie Down Bracket Kit (4), specify std capacity or high capacity
  • Mild steel Tailgate Latch Bar (specify 1″ or 1-1/4” round ends)
  • Stainless Steel Tailgate Latch Bar (specify 1″ or 1-1/4”round ends)
  • Lever Operated Door (Screw Jack STANDARD)
  • 170 Degree Swing Up Chute – Fully Adjustable.
  • Galvanized or Stainless-Steel Hydraulic Pipes (passenger side unless instructed otherwise)
  • Auger
    • Available up to 16’
    • 7″ diameter with progressive flighting.
  • Auger – Drive Options
    • Drive option 25:1 Gearbox Hydraulic Motor
    • Direct Drive Hydraulic Motor
    • Hydraulic Sensor Motor
  • Stainless-steel catwalks for frame-mounted units
  • Frame mounting kits
  • Stainless-steel led light boxes (2 in set)
  • Stainless-steel light bar
  • Bar on every chain link
  • 3/8 rubber belt over conveyor chain
  • Frame Mount Kits
    • All SSV models
  • Hard Surface Wire on Augers
    • Outer edge of flighting
    • “x” pattern on face of flighting
    • “x” pattern on pipe in front of flighting