Series IV Pickup Spreaders


The Smith Stainless-Steel Series IV Spreader is another option for your pickup spreader application. Fabricated with the durable 304 Stainless-Steel our Series IV spreader was designed with our Small Business Commercial customers in mind. Ranging from 1-1/4 yards to 3 yards struck capacity, and a manageable 40” height and 50” width, fits your standard pickups used today. The perfect sizing for parking lots large or small. The lengths range from 68” to our longest length for this series of 120”. Whether you are looking for a dual electric or dual hydraulic this is the spreader for you. Standard issue with an on/off switch or upgrade with a dual speed control.

*Check with your local dealer for price and availability*

Additional Information


  • Standard with galvanized top screen and Inverted “v”.
  • Electric or hydraulic options.
    • Dual electric – high efficiency gearbox for maximum torque.
    • Dual hydraulic – direct drive is used for smooth and consistent operation.
  • Complete installation kit with tie downs.
  • 12″ Flip Up Chute Assembly.
  • All 16GA T304 stainless-steel construction hopper, frame & all structural components.
  • Poly spinner.
  • Replaceable slider bed.
  • Removable spinner chute.
  • Single lift point.
  • On/off switch.
  • Standard hopper 50” W x 40” H.
  • Pintle chain conveyor drive system.


  • 24″ chute for dump body application.
  • 6″ or 12″ top extension kits available for all models.
  • 6” or 12” spill shields available for all models.
  • 68″, 84″, 96″, 108″ or 120″ hoppers (hopper length determines capacity).
  • Electric or hydraulic options.
  • Dual speed control.

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